textile-mill-istock_000008833592mediumExamples of Patents:

USD592,919 - Spatula

USD570,248 - Cable Car Cabin

USD557,696 - Portable Data Terminal

USD556,292 - Fish Hook

US8,079,553 - Keyboard Supporting Tray

US8,076,379 - Proton-Conducting Membrane

US8,074,232 - Method for Improving the Communication of a Human Interface Device

US8,071,492 - Textile Fabric for the Outer Shell of a Firefighter’s Garment

US8,068,439 - Method of Concurrent Multipath Transfer Based on Relational Paths

US8,056,392 - Method, System and Device for Optimizing a Vehicle’s Suspension

US7,857,940 - Liquid Radioactive Waste Treatment System

US7,850,407 - Motorcycle Transport Device

US7,883,664 - Microwave Drying Process for Vitrification of Biologics

US7,841,555 - Cartridge For Handling Thin Film Membranes

US7,837,763 - Polyazoles Used as Proton Conducting Membranes

US7,834,131 - Asymmetric Polymer Film

US7,819,329 - Smart Card Fingerprint Identification Process

US7,817,993 - System and Method for Copying Ring Back Tone Transfer Sound

US7,815,832 - Manufacture of Cellulose Ester Filaments

US7,803,274 - Contained Liquid Membrane Contactor

US7,795,372 - Polymer Film

US7,794,819 - Elastic Composite

US7,794,511 - Battery Separator for Lithium Polymer Battery

US7,790,320 - Battery Separator with Z-Direction Stability

US7,790,264 - Loop Material for Loop and Hook Type Fastener

US7,774,149 - Water Leakage-Acoustic Sensing Method

US7,745,030 - Proton-Conducting Polymer Membrane

US7,715,179 - Power Supply for a Computer Device

US7,690,180 - Sewable Fire Resistant Thread

US7,534,380 - Cellulose Acetate Tow and Method of Making Same

US7,517,151 - Sealable Article Container

US7,515,720 - Method and Device for Adapting Hearing Aids

US7,513,516 - Shock Isolation Cradle

US7,504,475 - Process for a Two Stage Melt Polymerization for the Production of Polybenzimidazole

US7,498,369 - Ultrahigh Molecular Weight Polyethylene Articles and Method of Manufacture

US7,490,640 - Woodturning Tool

US7,470,026 - Method and pparatus for Measuring Operating Visual Acuity

US7,429,626 - Ablative Compounds

US7,425,387 - Separator for a Lead Storage Battery